Friday, September 27, 2013

New Media for Designers & Builders - Book Launch!

Social Media for A&E practitioners
I just wanted to take a moment to publish a quick note in support of a friend and professional idol of mine. Steve Mouzon is an exceptional presenter, writer and thinker on the subject of true sustainability. His presentation(s) and subsequent book on The Original Green has been something I refer to frequently in conversations about human-friendly and environment-friendly design. 

Over the last six years or more, Steve has been learning as much as he can about the connected web and how to use it to push ideas and his architectural practice out into the national and international conversation. He has been carefully documenting this journey on his blog New Media for Designers & Builders.

Now, I'm happy to announce he has collected and collated the extensive information available for free and is offering an e-book to help you make sense of it all. It's probably the best how-to guide I've seen for small & medium sized A&E industry design practices.

As a designer himself he recognizes the need to earn a living as your building your media strategy and gives great practical advice on how to get started and keep things moving with as little time & cost as possible. I'm sure it works because I've personally seen him go through the entire process.

Steve Mouzon
Take a minute to go check out the website ( and judge for yourself. I can think of several under-appreciated designers, architects and engineers who could benefit from his advice. 

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