Monday, January 12, 2009

The Life of an Expat?

This evening I went to a piano bar and I felt so connected with the movie Casablanca. There's essentially no swing scene in Dubai, and hardly any respectable live jazz music. It's a huge difference from NYC and a painful one for a guy who used to see live music a minimum of three times per week.

It helped me understand what Humphrey Bogart's character must have been going through living in some random city as a sort of lonely expat. I'm
not there yet, but I can see that sort of lifestyle creeping up on me. There must be amazing days and must be really hard ones too.

Going to a bar like that makes me miss home a bit; not that I've even been away that long, but it's more the idea of being away for a long time that makes me expect to miss it and makes one wonder what kind of new spots you'll find.

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